Anita Fleerackers' childhood was spent on the family farm, thus closely related to animality.From the day she had to face the brutal and impressive strength of a bull, she has remained deeply influenced by the event which keeps pervading her artistic research.Her ceramics sculptures conjure up strength and restraint, their warm colours stressing on the force effectRegarding her paintings, her large-sized pixelised variations reveal her wide creative range .Her inspiration springs from her immediate environment, focusing on an harmonious living together.


Anita Fleerackers was born in Kasterlee- Tielen (Belgium) in 1959. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Anvers, she was granted several prizes of the greatest prestige : 1st for Davidsfonds Lichtaart in 1992, Vrika from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Anvers, Lib'Art1 Libramont in 1998. She also came as a finalist in the National Ceramics competition in L'Alcora (Spain) in 1999 and also in Florence biennal festival.